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Once you have decided when you would like to book the cottage, please check out the availability using the calendar below. If the desired dates are available please contact the owner (Paul Ball) either by email or telephone to discuss the potential booking. Alternatively you can complete the form on the contact page.

Please note that the guideline prices shown are for standard weeks only and do not include any week that has a Bank Holiday in it as these weeks are more expensive. Exactly how much for any week will be stated in the response to your enquiry.

Bookings will only be substantiated and confirmed once payment has been received in full and until such has happened, the cottage could be booked out to others either privately or by the owner’s agency.

Payments can either be via a Bank Transfer or using PayPal.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that payment has been made in full and a booking has to be cancelled by the person who booked it, a full refund will be payable providing that the cancellation is made no less than six weeks of the booking arrival date. Cancellations made within six weeks of the booking arrival date will not be refunded unless another booking can be found to the same value as the cancelled booking. Any cancelled booking that is subsequently booked at a lower price within six weeks of the arrival date of the original booking will be reflected on the amount refunded.

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